Global Fixed Income

Fixed Income is one of the core capabilities of Albany Creek Investment Management, managing USD 100 million on behalf of clients.

With a dedicated and strong capability fixed income professionals team, our global specialist teams are structured to meet an evolving asset class. Integrated teams offer deep insights of local markets and portfolio managers can make decisions based on this knowledge with strong global resources.

Our team has been managing fixed income portfolios on behalf of clients for over 20 years. We have a broad international client base of institutional and retail clients, and we manage USD 100 million in fixed income portfolios. We have a global team of credit analysts which provide depth and breadth of coverage.

Our key objective is to systematically generate consistent excess returns in all market environments, using our research-driven investment approach. Through a focused investment process and broad resources, we have the flexibility to assess valuation discrepancies across the fixed income opportunity set.

We have a fundamental research driven investment process that combines top-down and bottoms up return drivers to achieve more consistent performance across the cycle. We diversify through time horizon, blending short- and long-term views. Additionally, we seek to exploit the full opportunity set: duration, yield curve, country allocation, currency, credit beta, credit sector and choice of security.

We aspire to provide our clients with the best ideas and superior investment performance by drawing on the breadth and depth of our insights and capabilities to deliver high-quality solutions and services.

Asset Allocation and Quantitative Research

Our Asset Allocation team provides guidance to help clients with regular tactical asset allocation recommendations. Our research team will update monthly and relies on a thorough analysis of factors such as market valuations, current market conditions, economic trends, company earnings and credit fundamentals. These recommendations are developed by an international team of investment strategists, drawing on the work of our economics team and our sector analysts.

A number of asset allocations are provided across seven investor risk profiles to assist clients in making educated choices on how portfolios should be composed and in determining what direction to shift their portfolio composition.

These asset allocations include the following dimensions:

  • Asset Class Allocation (equities, bonds, cash, nontraditional assets)
  • Equity Market Allocation across countries (choosing between the U.S., other developed markets and emerging markets)
  • Bond Market Allocation across countries (choosing between the U.S. and other developed markets) • Alternative Asset Allocation (including commodities and alternative investments as part of a diversified portfolio together with equities, bonds and cash)

Institutional Solutions

Our deep global capabilities and fiduciary values help institutions get results for the people they serve. The Multi-Asset Solutions Multi-asset investing provides risk/return benefits that are not typically achievable by investing in a single asset class. A multi-asset portfolio’s risk/return profile can be tailored to meet individual investment needs such as a real return fund whose portfolio construction is designed to preserve capital and generate returns over the long term.

We have the capability to provide detailed, customised and practicable asset allocation solutions that take underlying client liabilities, investment goals and risk perception into account.

The Multi-Asset Solutions team provides a range of services to institutional clients around the world in the fields of portfolio management, asset allocation, asset liability management, portfolio construction and risk management. In addition to our Strategic Asset Allocation modelling, we combine our risk management process to ensure that shorter-term market dynamics are taken into account to both reduce risk and increase alpha potential for our clients. We then implement our investment solutions in the form of tailored risk-managed, multi-asset mandates.