About Us

Albany Creek Investment Management (“Albany Creek”, “we” or “us”) is an independent asset management firm specializing in hedge funds management, private equity investments, and private debt management. We operate our business with full integrity, ethicality and responsibility.

Albany Creek specializes in helping ultra-high net worth individual, institutional and corporate clients to build tailored-made portfolios that are aligned with their respective investment objectives. We adopt a long-term investment approach which we believe is the right and appropriate approach for generating sustainable capital growth for clients.

Our professional asset management specialists’ possess in-depth expertise in a broad range of investment solutions, ranging from asset management products comprising traditional types of investments such as bonds and equities to alternative investments such as hedge funds, private equities and private debts.

Since our establishment, our hedge fund and structured product teams have been focusing in developing products with consistent absolute returns and strong downside protections. Our track record of consistent performance allows us to stand out from our competitors.


– Mr. Henry Chan joined ABF in 2014 as Head of Research, Henry has nearly 10 years’ experience in dedicated Emerging Markets research with a particular focus on EEMEA.


Henry Chan

Head of Research