About Albany

Albany Creek Investment Management (Cayman) Limited is a specialist Emerging Markets investment manager with over ten years’ experience in these markets. Today we continue to innovate, offering new strategies that provide an opportunity for investors to participate in Emerging Markets.

We offer a wide range of different equity, debt and regional investment strategies. Our active management approach has been tailored over a decade to help meet the requirements of Emerging Markets investing. We offer our investors access to this promising asset class with the benefit of this disciplined approach.

Our team of investment professionals, with diverse academic credentials and eclectic interests, works collectively to identify world-class businesses. That search is not confined by sector limits; instead it is solely focused on a rigorous search for companies that meet the firm’s defined investment criteria and standards.

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Our Capabilities

Our team has been managing fixed income portfolios on behalf of clients for over 20 years. We have a broad international client base of institutional and retail clients, and we manage USD 100 million in fixed income portfolios. We have a global team of credit analysts which provide depth and breadth of coverage.

Our Asset Allocation team provides guidance to help clients with regular tactical asset allocation recommendations. Our research team will update monthly and relies on a thorough analysis of factors such as market valuations, current market conditions, economic trends, company earnings and credit fundamentals. These recommendations are developed by an international team of investment strategists, drawing on the work of our economics team and our sector analysts.

Our deep global capabilities and fiduciary values help institutions get results for the people they serve. The Multi-Asset Solutions Multi-asset investing provides risk/return benefits that are not typically achievable by investing in a single asset class. A multi-asset portfolio’s risk/return profile can be tailored to meet individual investment needs such as a real return fund whose portfolio construction is designed to preserve capital and generate returns over the long term.